Why the WiFi Heat Pump Control Will be Your Best Friend this Winter

We believe your home should be an oasis from the cold. You shouldn’t have to change your schedule in order to get the house warm in time or worry that post-work drinks will mean you won’t have time to light the fire.

The Mitsubishi Wifi heat pump controller – available for all of our high wall and floor console heat pumps either as an added extra or inbuilt to the unit – will change your life! Here’s everything you need to know about controlling heating from your phone.

Walk into a warm home

Whether you’re stuck at the office, out for dinner or running errands when the weather turns, you never have to worry about coming home to a cold house. Being able to control your heat pump with the click of a button means sitting in your jacket for 20 minutes while your heat pump gets started is a thing of the past. As long as you’ve got your phone and an internet connection, you can get that warm air pumping before you leave and walk into a warm, cosy and inviting home.

Wake up and warm up

If the temperature dipped down a little more than you were expected over night, no problem. You don’t even have to brave the cold hallway or put on a dressing gown, just reach for your phone and get the heat pump started from the comfort of your bed.

No more forgetting to turn off the heat pump

We’ve all been guilty of rushing out of the house in the morning and forgetting to check that everything is off: oven, stove, tv, heat pump. If this sounds familiar, the Wifi heat pump can take away one of these worries. We still suggest going back if you think you left the stove on, but at least the Wifi controller lets you check the heat pump from work and turn it off if needed.

How to use your heat pump’s wifi control

Are you a new convert to the Wifi control for your heat pump? If so, here’s some tips to get the most out of your new best friend:

• Turn your heat pump on from your phone 20 – 30 minutes in advance of returning home

• Set the temperature to a comfortable 18-22 degrees C. There’s no need to blast it!

• Look beyond the temperature. The Wifi controller lets you adjust the fan speed, airflow direction and timer too.

• Work with your timer – if you love the timer function, don’t discount the value of the Wifi controller. While the timer is invaluable, it doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity.

Looking for a heat pump you can control from your phone? Talk to Bay of Plenty Heat Pumps about getting one installed as soon as possible.