Why Autumn is the Best Time to Buy a Heat Pump

It’s official: autumn is here and that means it’s heat pump shoulder season. The weather in Tauranga is not so hot that you need to do much in the way of air conditioning, yet not cold enough that you have started to think about heating. This lovely time of year is also the best time to install a new heat pump: here’s why.

Lower demand

Because most people are just enjoying the easy comfort of autumn, they’re not yet thinking about the cold weather to come. Right now, there’s a shorter queue for heat pump installations which allows us to get one set up at your house quickly. Doing it before you need it is much better than having to wait in the cold.

Prepare for hot and cold days

It’s only March, so every now and then we’ll still experience that odd hot day that reminds you of summer. On the flip side, frosty evenings can hit without warning, often far before we’re ready for them. By installing a heat pump now, you are prepared no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

New fireplaces aren’t cutting it

A generation ago, fireplaces were made to keep burning all night long. You’d wake up and there would still be embers in the firebox, the house wouldn’t be too cold and reigniting the fire was a piece of cake.

The problem? This method wasn’t great for the environment and new fireplaces don’t have this function, leaving your house cold by morning. A heat pump is a quick and long-lasting heating option, it’s energy efficient and more sustainable. If you’re unhappy with your fireplace’s performance, consider a heat pump instead.

Improved air quality

There are surprising benefits to heat pumps beyond warming and cooling – they also purify the air. Air conditioners filter out dust and allergens, which contributes to improved health and less allergies, clearer breathing and better sleep. Keep one step ahead of those winter bugs by enhancing your home’s air quality.

Now is also the time for heat pump servicing and maintenance

If you already have a heat pump, you’re likely using it less than you did in summer, making autumn a great time to clean the filters and book in your yearly service. Our Mitsubishi heat pump specialists will inspect your unit, make sure it’s up to scratch and advise on any maintenance or repair issues needed ahead of winter.

Get ahead of the curve – install a heat pump today

Now’s the perfect time to purchase a Mitsubishi heat pump in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty. Give BOP Heat Pumps a call and we’ll send someone out to discuss your options.