What You Need to Know About Servicing and Maintaining Your Heat Pump

Like any electrical appliances, heat pumps work best when they are regularly serviced and maintained. If you’ve noticed poorer performance, reduced efficiency or higher than usual power bills, it’s probably time for a little TLC.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to keep on top of your heat pump’s maintenance requirements – just follow Bay of Plenty Heat Pump’s guide to everything you need to know about heat pump servicing and maintenance. If you need any help or want to book in a service with one of our heat pump technicians, get in touch today – 021 586 272.

Frequency of heat pump services depends on use

If you use your heat pump year-round, for both heating your home in winter and cooling it down in summer, it’s best to get a heat pump technician in each year for a service.

If you only use the heat pump for one of these seasons, it’s fine to service the heat pump every other year instead.

Maintaining your heat pump in between services

Schedule the following tasks into your diary so they don’t slip your mind!

• Inspect filters for dust every month

• Replace your filter every year (two years for light use)

• Check your outdoor unit each season

How to clean heat pump filters

When your heat pump’s filter gets clogged with dust or debris, it has to work harder to warm or cool the room. The manual that comes with your particular heat pump will give precise information on cleaning your filters, but generally you remove the filter and vacuum or wipe with a damp cloth before replacing it. Easy as!

Caring for your outdoor unit

You’re looking dirts, debris, weeds, plants and bugs (those pesky Tauranga cockroaches!) that are encroaching on your heat pump’s outdoor unit. Clean the unit of dirt, dust or debris with a hose. Remove any cobwebs or weeds, leaves or other plants by hand.

Coastal Bay of Plenty people – consider sea spray

Are you in Mount Maunganui, Papamoa or Whakatane? That salt water can be harsh, so you’ll want to hose down your outdoor unit more often.

Enlist the help of a heat pump technician

Whether you want to book in your annual service or have any questions about maintaining your heat pump, Bay of Plenty Heat Pumps is here to help.