Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep on Sticky Humid Nights

We all know how to protect ourselves from the sun – slip, slop, slap – but unfortunately our national slogan does nothing to keep us cool when we’re trying to get our evening rest. If you’re struggling through those hot, muggy nights, the air conditioning experts at Bay of Plenty Heat Pumps have some tricks to help you beat the heat.

Make use of curtains and blinds

We often keep the curtains open all day as the sun streams in, then close them at night, trapping the heat inside. If you want to stop your bedroom from turning into an oven, keep your curtains closed instead, or invest in sunshade blinds that will let sunlight in without overheating the room.

Take an evening shower

Having a cool shower at night helps lower your core body temperature, keeping you cool and refreshed as you head to bed. Even just a quick rinse can help as the water is refreshing, cooling and calming.

Stay hydrated

While we’re on the topic of water, make sure you’re drinking enough. Proper fluid intake helps your body regulate its temperature which prevents overheating at night. Drink plenty during the day, choose water over fizzy drinks, juice or coffee, and keep a water bottle handy at night in case you wake up thirsty.

Use natural bedding

Natural fibres like cotton, bamboo and linen are far more breathable than their synthetic alternatives. Having sheets that can breathe allows air to flow and stops you from feeling stifled and sweaty in the night.  

Use your heat pump

Have you ever wondered why you sleep better in the winter? It’s because humans sleep best when the temperature sits between 13 and 23 degrees. That means that, even with all these cooling tricks, some summer nights are just too darn hot for a good night’s sleep unless you use your heat pump.

To fall asleep comfortably without waking up cold, set the heat pump between 20 and 22 degrees. If you have a timer function on your heat pump, even better: set your air conditioner to turn itself off once you’re asleep and the outside temperature falls.

Choose a quiet air conditioner

Sound is another sleep disruptor, so you don’t want an air conditioner that makes loud noises while it works to cool you down. Mitsubishi Electric’s whisper quiet heat pumps keep the room as cool as it is quiet.

Dry the air out

Sometimes humidity is the problem, especially on really muggy summer nights. On these evenings, a dehumidifier can help rid your house of excess moisture. Some heat pumps have a dehumidifier setting, so check that yours does before going out to buy a new appliance.

Have you been losing sleep?

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