Improve your Home’s Heating Efficiency this Winter

Did you know that the EECA (Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority) has singled out heat pumps as one of the most energy efficient ways to heat a home in NZ? Heat pumps use far less electricity than other forms of heating because they don’t actually generate heat – they simply move heat that already exists from one area to another. Clever eh?

If you’re feeling the cold, talk to BOP Heat Pumps about getting a heat pump air conditioning unit installed in your home; we work across the Bay from Tauranga to Te Puke, Mount Maunganui to Papamoa to Whakatane. If you’ve already got one, read on for tips that’ll help you slash your power bill this winter.

Sun’s Down, Curtains Down

As we said, heat pumps are in the business of moving heat around, which is why trapping heat inside the house is so valuable in winter. The easiest and best thing you can do to keep the day’s warmth in the house is to shut the curtains as soon as the sun sets. If nobody is at home during the day, this should be the first thing you do when you get home.

Don’t Let Heat Escape

And while we’re on the topic of trapping the heat, don’t forget about common spots where heat loves to escape your house. Open windows and doors are an obvious source of heat loss, but there are more subtle areas where we’re losing heat as well. Use draft stoppers under doors that lead outside and look out for the secret power bill killer: leaky windows. Passive houses offer a great means to preventing heat from escaping from the home (talk to a Tauranga builder about this).

Make the Most of your Heat Pump

First things first, don’t blast your heat pump: this wastes power and doesn’t heat the house any faster. Instead, put the heat pump on before you become freezing cold to the recommended temperature range of 18 to 20 degrees C. It’ll take about 15-20 minutes to warm up. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not cheaper to keep the heat pump on 24/7, so do use it as much as you need to, but don’t leave it running when nobody is home.

Modern Features are a Winner

Using modern air conditioning features helps you get the most bang for your buck: use a timer to pre-set your heat pump at predictably useful times or opt for a Smart WiFi controlled heat pump that lets you turn on the heat remotely from bed or work so you’ll wake up or come home to a warm house.

Maintain your Heat Pump

Giving your heat pump regular servicing will keep it working efficiently for longer. Things you can do at home include cleaning the filter and checking that the outdoor unit is free from dirt and debris. In addition to this, it’s wise to get a heat pump specialist in annually for a full service of both the internal and exterior units – this will keep it working its best and keep the power bill low.

Consider Insulation

Heat pumps are efficient, but not much can combat an non-insulated home. If your house doesn’t have adequate insulation, any heat you bring into the room will leave just as quickly. If you’re finding your house constantly cold despite using your serviced and well-maintained heat pump, underfloor insulation will go a long way.

Want to stay warm without a shocking power bill? Get in touch with BOP Heat Pumps about heat pump installation and servicing in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa – 021 586 272.