How Your Heat Pump Can Help Keep Your Home Healthy This Winter

In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s never been more important to find ways to keep your family healthy and safe. While a warm, dry house won’t kill a virus, it will certainly contribute to your overall health throughout the cooler months. Combining the well stated public health advice – wash your hands, cough into your elbow – with the health benefits of a heat pump is the best way to make sure your family stays well this winter.

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A whole lot of hot air

The cold brings a double whammy when it comes to your health. First, many viruses spread more easily in colder weather. Second, when you’re cold, your immune system takes a hit, making you more vulnerable to any bugs you come into contact with. While you can’t change the temperature outside, you can warm up your house and heat pumps are the best way to do so.

Heat pumps warm the house quickly and easily. You can keep them running efficiently all day long. Plus, the house won’t fluctuate between hot and cold – set it to 21 or 22 degrees and your house will stay at a steady, comfortable temperature.

Heat pumps improve the air quality

In the cooler months, air can start to get stale inside your home as you open doors and windows less often and spend more time inside. Heat pumps improve your house’s air quality by bringing in fresh air from outside. The top brand Mitsubishi heat pumps even have advanced filtration systems to ensure air doesn’t simply circulate but is filtered and purified before entering your home.

A dry home is a healthy home

Dampness encourages mould, mildew and condensation, which wreaks havoc on our health.

Below 15 or 16 degrees, dampness really takes hold – but unfortunately not many NZ houses are built with this reality in mind.

Heat pumps not only keeping the temperature of the house high enough to combat the dampness, but their filtration systems also remove excess moisture from within your home, so that windows, walls and ceilings stay dry.

Want a healthy home this winter?

If you’ve been hemming and hawing about installing a heat pump, there’s never been a better time. Get in touch with Bay of Plenty Heat Pumps today so we get you the healthy home you deserve before the cold sets in.