How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning System

Being comfortable in the right environment is everything. You spend a lot of time at home, so you need a cool space in summer you can retreat to and relax in, free from humidity or uncomfortable levels of heat. An air conditioning system is an investment, so when shopping around for one, you’ll want to be equipped with all of the knowledge you need to make the right choice for your home or space.

With endless benefits of air conditioning units, from improving your health with better sleep to reducing levels of noise, it makes them an obvious choice for cooling your home. Even after deciding to get one, there are some important considerations that will help you choose the right air conditioning system for your space.

Your room and system size

One of the most important factors is the sizing of your room and air conditioning unit. Air conditioners come in different sizes, for different spaces. Choosing the right sized heat pump is important to ensure optimal comfort levels, this is especially important when you’re choosing a unit that provides heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Location, room size and insulation levels in a room are all factors that determine which size unit should be installed.

BOP Heat Pumps has a heat pump sizing tool to select the best-sized unit based on the length, height, and width of the room, and also taking into account insulation. Or call to speak to an expert who will do the work for you and let you know what system is best for your room.

Speed settings

The speed of the fan in your unit should be adjustable to enable you to control how much air will flow around your room and at what speed. Many units also offer quieter night-time settings, which is ideal to cool your space in the night ensuring you have the right conditions for a great sleep.

Other features

Air conditioning units come with different features, some can cool spaces even in the hottest environments, others have been developed and engineered specially to use less energy power than ever before, some with built-in Wi-Fi controls, ones that prevent dust and direct build-up on the inner surface so it stays clean all year round. Chat to an expert who can help you choose an AC system that can fit your exact requirements.

Types of systems

There are different types of air conditioning systems and finding the right one depends completely on your needs. The main questions to ask yourself to help guide your selection is if you are looking to efficiently heat or air conditioning in just one room, multiple rooms, or if you’re looking for a central heating solution for your whole home, offices or space.

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