How Air Conditioning Can Benefit Your Health Over Summer

With summer temperatures upon us, it’s time to start prepping for the heated days - and nights - ahead. Staying cool and healthy over the summer can have its challenges, but with the right air conditioning, you can be sure that your home, health and family will be well looked after. Temperatures are rising globally, along with stress levels and fewer hours of sleep than years before, so taking care of one's health in the summertime has never been as important. Get ready for summer with a high quality and efficient air conditioner, which provides more benefits than simply a cooler home.

Body temperature cooling

With hotter temperatures come warmer body temperatures, and while we have our own internal AC units, sometimes it places our bodies under a lot of pressure to cool down, cue a lot of sweating! Our bodies can go into overdrive trying to regulate our temperature. When it’s hot outside or you’ve spent a lot of time in the heat it’s best to slowly transition into a more pleasant temperature environment, which your body will love and feel relieved about.  Keeping your home cool and comfortable instantly regulates body temperatures and keeps your body at ease.

Better sleep

Over summer one of the best things you can do for your health and to ensure you have a quality night sleep. One of the biggest causes of poor sleep is incorrect room temperatures. Most of us have experienced a night of broken sleep with tossing and turning due to high temperatures. High heat can severely impact your health by resulting in fatigue and many ill health effects from poor quality sleep. Being in a comfortable environment is pivotal for a good night's sleep. Research shows that your body's temperature decreases over the night, and a cool room, though not too cold, is the ideal condition for healthy sleep.

Improved air quality

A good air conditioner will provide air filtration keeping dust and particles out, and provide cleaner air. It ensures dust and allergens are purified from the air resulting in better breathing and reduced effects of allergies. Most noticeably, air conditioning reduces humidity, which has initial benefits to comfort levels, but also to health. High humidity creates the perfect conditions for bacteria and moulds to develop and grow. If humidity is too low then you will feel the dryness on your skin, so there is such a thing as balanced humidity for good health and overall wellness.

Safe and healthy home

Overall, a great air conditioning unit will create a healthy environment and quality air that will benefit your health. It will reduce the impacts of negative health disruptors such as heated body temperatures, poor night's sleep due to hot nights, and high humidity resulting in bacteria and mould. You’ll physically notice the improvements!

Ready for a healthy and cool summer? Talk to Bay of Plenty Heat Pumps today to find out more on how quality air conditioning can benefit you and your family this summer.