How a Heat Pump can Complement a Fireplace in Your Home

If you have a fireplace as your sole source of heating, there’s a good chance you’ve spent a moment here or there dreaming about a heat pump. While there’s no denying a fireplace offers lovely ambiance, heat pumps bring many benefits that fireplaces simply lack. There are a million reasons why a heat pump is an excellent option, even if you already have a fireplace – here’s a few.

You’ll warm the bedrooms

The biggest complaint we hear from fireplace owners is that, while the lounge and living spaces are toasty warm, the fire never takes the chill off the bedrooms. Often times, families – especially those with young children – end up relying on energy-sucking plug-in heaters and electric blankets to keep everyone warm overnight. By installing a heat pump in the hallway instead, you’ll reach up the rooms that the fireplace misses.

You can set the heat pump for early mornings

Fireplaces are no longer designed to last through the night, which makes for some pretty cold mornings. Especially when Tauranga’s weather dips down towards zero! If you have a heat pump, you can set it to come on 30 minutes before you wake up, letting you and your family wake up to a warm house.

You can stay out late

You don’t want a cold house and a dark journey to the woodshed weighing on your shoulders when you’re working late at the office or enjoying an evening out with friends. Even if you enjoy the process of lighting a fireplace, a heat pump gives you peace of mind that a late night doesn’t have to mean a cold house.

You’re sick of paying for firewood

It may come as a surprise when you end up paying less to power your heat pump than you do for a season’s worth of firewood. But it’s the truth: heat pumps are the most energy-efficient sources of heat, which makes them cost-efficient too. So, if you’re sick of handing over hundreds to keep the fire burning, a heat pump can give the dwindling firewood pile a break.

You want the best of both worlds

By having a fireplace and a heat pump, you can enjoy lighting a fire early in the season when it’s still novel, yet also rely on the quick, lasting and energy-efficient heat of a heat pump once the cold really sets in. You can offer guests the ambiance of a fireplace, yet enjoy the ease of flicking a switch for instant heat when you’re in a rush. Heat pumps and fireplaces don’t have to compete against one another: by having both, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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