Clever Ways to Hide Your Heat Pump’s Outdoor Unit

While heat pumps look seamless and modern inside your home, there’s no getting around the bulk of the outdoor unit. If you want to conceal the external unit to make your property look more attractive, Tauranga’s Mitsubishi heat pump specialists at Bay of Plenty Heat Pumps have some clever tips for you.

Choose the location wisely

Your heat pump installer will examine your house’s exterior, searching for the external unit’s ideal home. We try to find a spot that won’t upset your house’s aesthetic or disrupt your way of life. That means we avoid inconvenient places like the front of your house and the patio. Ideally, your Mitsubishi heat pump can get tucked away in a garden or next to the rubbish bins where it won’t be regularly seen by guests or passersby.

Buy a heat pump cover

Heat pump covers are specifically and professionally designed for the task of hiding your outdoor unit. They are often made of timber or aluminium and come in different sizes and colours to suit your heat pump and your outdoor space. Open at the back to allow for air flow, heat pump covers are a reliable and minimal way to make sure your unit blends into your landscaping.

Use a privacy screen

Privacy screens can conceal a section of your garden and enhance the privacy of your property. If you have enough space, they are also an ingenious way to conceal your heat pump’s outdoor unit. Whether it’s a fun DIY project or a purchased trellis fence, they are simple, affordable and attractive. Make sure to leave enough space around your heat pump so airflow isn’t disrupted and you’re good to go!

Creative garden art

For an outside-the-box option, hide your heat pump’s unit with some garden art. It can be a lush planter box that blocks vision of the unit, a bespoke garden feature or an upcycled old door. When done right, this option has the benefit of both concealing your heat pump’s outdoor unit while also adding an intriguing focal point to your garden.

Safety first

However you choose to conceal your heat pump, make sure you’re doing it safely. You don’t want your unit to get overrun with plants or weeds, so consider making any necessary adjustments to the surrounding garden. Always check that nothing is blocking the airflow or air intake, and keep the unit easily accessible by foot.

Talk to Tauranga’s heat pump specialists

The look of your house and garden matters. For expert advice on where best to install your outdoor heat pump unit and how to conceal it safely, get in touch with Bay of Plenty Heat Pumps.