But What About the Bedrooms? How to Keep Warm at Night with Heat Pumps

From energy efficiency to forgoing the firewood to quick heat, there are plenty of reasons to swap from a fireplace to a heat pump. However, one of the biggest reasons people hesitate about making the switch is worrying that the heat won’t reach the bedrooms.

Luckily, there are many ways you can both have a heat pump and warm bedrooms. The team at Bay of Plenty Heat Pumps has laid out how you can benefit from heat pumps and still stay warm at night.

The single heat pump solution

For smaller homes, it is possible for a single heat pump to keep the entire house warm. By installing one of our larger units with 9.0kW heating capacity, you’ll be surprised by the heat pump’s ability to radiate throughout your house.

The reality is, the bedrooms won’t get as warm as the living area, so a single heat pump is best when combined with sufficient insulation, warm curtains and perhaps an extra blanket or hot water bottle.

The heat pump and space heater solution

For those extra cold nights, a space heater can help take the chill off before bed or ensure the little ones stay warm – and asleep! – throughout the night.

The multi heat pump solution

For larger homes that are sick of the messy, labour intensive, slow-to-start heat of a fireplace, multiple heat pumps work extremely well. By installing one heat pump in the living area and one in the hallway, warmth will circulate well throughout your house. Or, you can opt for a multi-split heat pump, which has one outdoor unit with multiple units to keep each bedroom warm.

If you’re scared off by large power bills, here’s the best news. As the most energy efficient heating source available, multiple heat pumps cost far less than you would assume.

The ducted heat pump solution

For constant heat throughout your home, a ducted Mitsubishi heat pump system is the bee’s knees. Both able to be installed into new houses or retrofitted into older ones, ducted central heat pumps offer the trifecta of heating: they are cost-effective, energy efficient and offer complete comfort and warmth.

The forgotten benefit

Right now, it’s winter so you’re thinking about staying warm. But don’t forget that heat pumps offer a benefit that fireplaces and other heating systems cannot: they also cool you down in the summer!

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Whether you want a single unit, multiple heat pumps or central heating, you’ll be sleeping comfortably in every season. If you’re considering installing a heat pump in Tauranga, Papamoa, Mt Maunganui or Te Puke, give us a call today – 021 586 272.